3 Easy Hydraulic Fluid Overheating Fix

Image Source: Machine Lubrication

Ensuring that you maintain your hydraulic system’s fluid temperature is without a doubt one of the biggest challenge faced by many facilities worldwide. In fact, when it comes to matters minimizing hydraulic system operational costs, ensuring that the hydraulic fluid does not overheat ranks high above issues related to a hydraulic system like fluid contamination. That said, this post highlights 3 easy hydraulic fluid overheating fix you can and should take up right now.

Define System’s Fluid Temperature

Before even you start operating your hydraulic system, it’s very important to ensure that you define your hydraulic system fluid temperature as this will set the pace for your system moving forward temperature wise. Once you set up the fluid temperature, you will be able to easily tell whether your system’s fluid is overheating or not. That being said, your hydraulic system’s fluid temperature doesn’t end with just defining it, it’s very important to also ensure that you follow it through.

Design Shortcuts Counter Measures

Designing shortcuts usually lead to components not being sized correctly and this leads to pressure drops that ultimately leads to heat generation that contributes in overheating of the hydraulic fluid. In an event that there is too much pressure, a lot of it tends to reflect heat thus giving a false indication. You can avoid all this by simply upsizing certain components of your hydraulic system and reducing certain bends. By doing so, the false heat initially indicated will not be there.

Use a Cooler

Other than design shortcuts, you can also manage hydraulic fluid overheating by putting in place external coolers. That said, coolers are usually looked at as a final option especially when everything you do towards reducing your hydraulic fluid temperature fails. When going for external coolers it’s very important to ensure that the cooler you settle on is able to remove the excess heat released by your hydraulic system. All-in-all, it’s very important to understand that coolers only reduce the effects of the overheating and not necessarily fixing the problem. Therefore, you can opt for other measures as you use the coolers.