The Top Three Causes of Hydraulic Pump Failures

By Arnold Obat

Image Source: Custom Fluid Power

Hydraulic pumps, in addition to being one of the most expensive components of a hydraulic system, play a very important role and as such, many facilities, especially ones that use hydraulic systems for their day-to-day critical processes, work tirelessly to see to it that they protect them at all cost. Despite their efforts, many of them fail to take into account well-known causes of hydraulic pump failure and as such, still find themselves dealing with matters hydraulic pump failures that ultimately end up damaging expensive components of their hydraulic system. This post will highlight the top three causes of hydraulic pump failures.

Hydraulic Fluid Contamination

Hydraulic fluid contamination is without a doubt a leading cause of many hydraulic pump failures. When dealing with hydraulic fluids, one needs to ensure that they are dry, cool and most importantly clean. If there is any fluid contamination, then expect the hydraulic pump to wear and tear at a very fast pace. This wear and tear ultimately result in hydraulic pump failures, which ultimately lead to numerous hydraulic system components being damaged. To prevent hydraulic fluid contamination, make sure that you carry out activities like properly cleaning your hydraulic system’s welding burrs or having in place good filters that prevent any particles from entering the hydraulic system and ultimately mixing with the hydraulic fluid.

Use Quality Hydraulic Fluids

While still on matters hydraulic fluids, it’s good to point out that quality matters a lot. Ensuring that you use high-quality hydraulic fluids on hydraulic systems can help facilities prevent any hydraulic pump failures which as we know leads to failure of the entire hydraulic system. The key when it comes to matters quality of hydraulic fluids is to not make your decision based on price. Don’t be tempted to go with low-quality hydraulic fluids no matter how cheap they are as you will be exposing your hydraulic system to numerous system failures.

Over Pressurization

If you’ve walked around various facilities and happened to start a conversation with at least one or two employees, then you are bound to hear a lot about over pressurization. In fact, it’s something employees tend to talk about a lot. So what is it? Well, it’s when the hydraulic pumps are subjected to pressure that is more than what it can handle or specified on its specs. If this continues, the hydraulic pump is bound to wear out faster and ultimately lead to the failure of hydraulic pumps.

There you have it, the top three causes of hydraulic pump failures every facility needs to know. For more details on how you can be able to do away with hydraulic pump failures or issues with your hydraulic system that stem from hydraulic pumps do feel free to get in touch with us.