Three Common Hydraulic Mistakes

By Arnold Obat

Image Source: Flow Fit Online

Hydraulic systems are of great importance to a number of industries worldwide given the fact that they assist in carrying out tasks that need extensive labor. That said, companies work to ensure that their hydraulic systems are functioning or operating at their very best at all times. Unfortunately, hydraulic systems, just like any other machine can fail to operate efficiently and in most cases, this is because of mistakes made knowingly or unknowingly either by the company’s employees or by those in charge of the hydraulic system. To help you in your quest of having a hydraulic system performing at it’s very best, this post will get to highlight three common hydraulic mistakes made throughout various industries.

Know Your Oil

Oil is a very important part of any hydraulic system and as such, you must ensure that you go for oil that fits your system. The oil that fits your system comes down to oil viscosity as this determines the minimum and maximum temperature your system can operate in safely. While still on matters oil, make sure that you change the oil from time to time. It is advised that you change it based on your system’s hours of service. If you are not sure on when to change your oil, you can always perform an oil analysis and based on your findings opt to change or not change the oil.

Set The Right Hydraulic Pressure

Other than oil, hydraulic pressure is another common hydraulic system mistakes that can lead to your system not functioning efficiently. When it comes to hydraulic pressure, one thing you need to focus on is simply setting the right amount of pressure. In most cases, you will find facilities setting their system’s pressure too high assuming that this will make their machines run faster. On the contrary, this only goes to affect your hydraulic system and ultimately make it inefficient.

Change Your Filters Accordingly

Changing hydraulic filters is another common hydraulic mistake made by individuals at different facilities. When it comes to filters, a good number of facilities worldwide rely on set schedules. Although effective, changing filters on set schedules usually makes facilities change their hydraulic filters early or too late, both of which have damaging effects. Changing filters early costs facilities money as they will be changing them even when they are good while doing it too late means you are allowing certain particles to enter your system, particles that will ultimately affect its performance. The key when changing hydraulic filters is ensuring that you install a mechanism that will monitor pressure drop across your system’s filters.

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