6 Jun

When Old Boats Still Matter

The life expectancy of boats mostly depends on how they are used and maintained. With new wiring, motors and engine, a boat can be considered a new one.


Fiberglass hulls that are well built can last a long time but their components usually need replacements or repairs along the way. But if a boat consistently needs these services, it may lose its value in the end if the cost of repair will eventually be more than the cost of an operable comparable boat. Wooden boats, on the other hand, require to be kept dry at all times when not in use, consistently cleaned, and regularly repainted. Steel boats are much more costly in terms of sandblasting and painting, as they need a detailed process and high quality paint to protect them from rust.

If you have an aging boat that you want to refurbish and restore to its original working condition, the following basic tips may go a long way:

  • Look for rotting or decaying wood by checking the seat bases, deck floor or transom, among many other wooden parts.
  • Check the fixtures and fittings and make sure they are still properly fitted or are not loose.
  • Replace the engine’s old/damaged belts and hoses.
  • Determine the parts that are broken and consider replacing.
  • Conduct a general and thorough cleaning of the boat, freeing it from all kinds of debris.
  • Do an inventory of the parts that need attention at present or in the near future. You do not want to be undergoing a repair a few months after your last repair. It is not considered practical.

Since an old boat restoration may end up too costly for the owner, it is important to weigh things up first before pushing through with the plan. If money is not an issue, then restoring the boat to bring it back to its old glory may be considered a worthwhile cause from the owner’s perspective. However, if it is for business use, it is a different matter altogether. Gulf Coast Air & Hydraulics can help you take care of your needs to bring out the new in your old boat and make it up and running again for a long time to come.

By Dez Duran-Lamanilao

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