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Overview: Automotive Hydraulic Lifts

By Dez Duran-Lamanilao

There are various types of automotive hydraulic lift systems, and these include the in-ground type, which was more popular prior to the 1980s, and the surface mounted lifts, which are usually bolted to the garage floor powered by an electric motor that operates either a screw type drive or the focus of this article, a hydraulic pump.

Automotive Hydraulic Lifts

Image source: Automotive Lift Institute

Other types include portable automotive hydraulic lifts, parking lifts, four- and two-post automotive lifts, column lifts, alignment automotive lifts and specialty lifts, among others. A two-post is one of the most competent types of lifts and one of the most preferred. Depending on your purpose for needing an automotive hydraulic lift, whether it is for home use only or you intend to utilize it for your car repair shop, choosing the right lift is an important process.


Automotive Hydraulic Lift Installation

You can do your own installation of an automotive hydraulic lift, provided that you pay careful attention to instructions and to detail. No need to rush, as automotive hydraulic lifts are something that shouldn’t be taken lightly. The usual steps when installing a lift include assembling the metal frame, installing the functional hardware, raising the automotive lift, and finally, hiring a qualified electrician to install power to the pump and installing the remaining clips and the mounting pads. How do you know if you have properly installed your lift? The car should settle evenly; otherwise there must be some problem with the way the control cables have been adjusted. If you are rather unsure with these steps, the best alternative is to allow experts to do the installation for you.


Automotive Hydraulic Lift Repair

Several automotive lifts are designed to accommodate all types of automotive repairs; however, each type still has its own advantages over the others. Before purchasing any lifts, check with your supplier possible options and/or inclusions to the package regarding future repair and maintenance requirements.

The American National Standard outlines the safety requirements for proper operation of vehicle lift, as well as its inspection and maintenance. Part of the requirements is that a qualified lift inspector conduct a check of every lift at least annually. If you are a lift owner, the American Lift Institute (ALI) Inspector Certification Program is a reliable third-party source for finding local lift inspectors who underwent testing and have been found qualified to inspect any lift.

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