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Gulf Coast Air & Hydraulics is a full line distributor specializing in Air and Hydraulic Sales, Service, Fabrication and Installation for the Industrial and Marine Industry. Sales and Service capabilities available 24 hrs. a day, 7 days a week. Custom packages designed and manufactured to customer’s specifications.

Gulf Coast Air & Hydraulics was started in 1985 by Chuck Moorehead and Mike Ellis. Both started with 10 years experience and the original idea was to become a service and systems company for the pneumatic and hydraulic marine and industrial market. But since the very beginning we have had to evolve constantly to keep up with the needs of the Marine and Industrial industry but mostly to continue to have what was needed by our customer base. Today with more than 35 years of experience we have emerged as a total solutions company serving the industrial market in our area but especially in the marine market. We have hydraulic component and systems sales. We have electrical expertise specializing in varible frequency drives from 5 HP to 2000 HP. We are an electronics company manufacturing many products needed in both the Marine and Industrial sector.

And our biggest difference from the competitors we have is that we have a technician base that spans the life of the company. So if you have a boat that is older we know how to take care of your needs. But if you have a brand new Offshore Supply Vessel or new fish boat or tug boat or push boat we are on the cutting edge of the new technology being installed today. We design, fabricate, install and maintain too many systems to mention.


we don’t care what the problem is or how it was created . we will take on any challenge. seriously, just try us.


we take ideas and turn them into reality. like a reliable wrench, we do any job, end to end, big or small.


safety is our backbone. that’s why we have industry-beating , extensive training, and an impeccable record.


johnny-on-the-spot, mr. automatic, go-to guy... you want to call us is fine. just call us when you’re in a pinch.

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