14 Mar

An Overview of the Lobster Business Within the US

By Dez Duran-Lamanilao

The lobster business is unendingly growing nationwide and worldwide. Maine and Massachusetts are two of the highest producers within the country, contributing to more than 90% of the total national landings. There are two types of lobsters: American and Spiny. The previous has marketable meat found in its claws, body, tail, whereas the latter solely has marketable meat in its tail. Spiny lobsters, also called rock lobsters, do not feature edible claws like Maine lobster.

When analyzing the fishing business worldwide, the United States belonged to the highest exporters in 2016. Consistent with Statista, nearly 10 billion pounds of fish were caught within the country in 2016. Lobster fishing, specially, has generated a total supply of American lobsters amounting to more than 200 million pounds, though the figure went down by around 14% in 2017. The Maine lobster industry alone landed more than 130 million pounds in 2016. The lobster species belong to the Top 10 Major US Domestic Species Groups in terms of value of landings.

These figures prove the potential for any growth, as long as larger boats, lobster boats for that matter, are made more available, with the assurance that these boats perform consistent with expectations.


Lobster Boat Design


Image source: Power & Motoryacht

Lobstermen ought to have the abilities and knowledge in casting cast traps, following migration and breeding patterns, and complying with their respective states’ regulations, including deadlines, to ensure adequate of supply of lobsters to homes and restaurants. Since the work poses greater risk in terms of accidents and injuries, having a well-designed lobster boat is critical to properly fulfill their responsibilities. They need boats that perform well at high and low speeds, to start with.

Lobster boats do not usually sport radar arches, stripes or graphics. They are solid and compact, features that allow them to meet the demands of fishery. The variations often found in the lobster fishery can have outboard motors or inboard gasoline motors. A boat can be from 22 to 40 plus feet, depending on the volume required. Larger boats have the flexibility to fish in deeper waters. As marine technology evolves, so does the innovation for lobster boats does.

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